The Falls and the Territory

The Marmore Falls, with its 165m course divided into 3 falls, is the highest in Europe. It’s located in Valnerina, near the town of Terni, in the part comprising the Nera River Park also called “the Water Park”). Incredibly rich from a cultural, historical and environmental point of view, the park is a protected area that considers this waterfall its greatest attraction.

The Marmore Falls, between Nature and Romanticism

This is the result of an impressive work of water engineering, established in 271 b.C. by roman consul Curio Dentato to drain the river Velino waters from the Marmore plane.

Starting from XV Century and towards all XVIII century, many were the interventions by the most famous architects, among which Antonio Sangallo. From ‘800 on, its waters are used in hydroelectric energy production.

Its extraordinary beauty was well-known even in the ancient times: since 18th century, in fact, it has been described by poets and writers, used as inspiration by great artists, and visited and admired by royals, academics, scientists, and all those lucky enough to take the Grand Tour of Europe.