Cascia and Roccaporena: walking the roads of sacred in Valnerina

Cascia is famous for Santa Rita’s sanctuary. After her canonisation in the 19th century a new Basilica was built, in 1937-1947, dedicated to her.
Every year thousands of pilgrims visit the Basilica of Saint Rita.
She was born in Roccaporena in 1381: she was married to a violent man who was killed by his enemies. After her husband’s death she persuaded their two children not to take revenge. Rita became an Augustian nun.

The tour: the arts and the sacred in Cascia

In the main square of Cascia there’s S. Francesco’s church built in 1424, it has a splendid portal and a rose window. At the other end of the square there’s the collegiate of Santa Maria founded in 856.
From Piazza Garibaldi steps lead down to the Church of S. Antonio Abate.
The museum Palazzo Santi, of the 17 C., houses a local archeological collection and wooden sculptures.
The most important annual festival of the town is on 22 May to celebrate Saint Rita.
Now we are coming to the end of our tour and we are going to visit the famous village of Roccaporena, the birthplace of Santa Rita.